Terry Howard is an award-winning writer and storyteller. He is also a contributing writer with the Chattanooga News Chronicle, The American Diversity Report, The Atlanta Business Journal, The Shenandoah Valley Hit, BlackMarket.com, The Echo World, the Appreciate You Magazine, The Valley Trail and co-founder of the “26 Tiny Paint Brushes” writers’ guild, and recipient of the 2019 Dr. Martin Luther King Leadership Award.


“Through the years” is a 150-page photo-narrative that chronicles the rich – and largely undocumented  – history of African American athletes in Augusta and adjacent counties in western Virginia. Dating back to the first documented black baseball team in 1912, the book takes the reader through a timeline of black athletics in the ensuing decades until desegregation closed all-black schools in the state the mid-sixties and afterwards. Previously all-black schools in Augusta County in addition to Watson, Covington, Jefferson, Clifton Forge, Rosenwald, Waynesboro, Downing, Lexington and other schools across the state.

On the basketball court, the book highlights some of the epic matchups between Homer Venable and Bucking Flipping, Jerry Venable and Walker Banks, Stovepipe Carr and Sam Jones of the Boston Celtics and Ralph Sampson and Mike Madden. Because of their close proximity, fierce matchups between Rosenwald, Central Augusta and Booker T. Washington are expanded in detail along with the role of The Augusta County Training School, D. W. Davis, etc., as feeder schools.

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